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A $11 billion enterprise Hyosung with its 17,000 employees is HQ in Korea. Hyosung is a world leader in advanced industry solutions, already no. 1 in many business areas in Korea.


Our organization is very much happy in regards to the Solution brought to us by Lead Global for our Stakeholder Communication, We must say that their approach from contact till solution provisioning is amazing both in terms of communicating the benefits, performance of the end product and total cost of ownership of the solution brought to us by them.

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ISRO is India’s premier Space Research Organization. Space Applications Centre (SAC), is a major research and development centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Video Collaboration & Conferencing

Our Video Collaboration & Conferencing solution is preferred by over 5984 customers including the likes of Indian Space Research Organization, the Indian Army, $11 billion conglomerate Hyosung among thousands of others. Several competitive advantages help us satisfy our customers yet one thing that weighs heavily in our favor is our solution’s high reliability in deployments requiring high performance- no compromise acceptable..

What is high performance depends on the customer case, but it is mostly a unique need like a customer needing a fully integrated single organization deployment of five hundred thousand online users, Ultra HD 4K Video conferencing without involving hardware codecs, coordinating live 2-way video of acres of standing crops and an expert who has to revert with instant expert suggestion to avoid damage to precious harvest, or even running e-Governance projects of thousand plus stakeholders in a low tech penetration country.

SIP & VOIP Solutions

The world of communications acknowledges the sole of SIP in interoperability and no wonder SIP based client apps and SIP Server solutions make a major category in the IP communications boutique. SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol, is the IETF protocol for VOIP and other text and multimedia sessions, like instant messaging, video, online games and other services. SIP offers all potentialities of the common Internet Telephony features such as call or media transfer (not core SIP per se), call conference, call hold etc. Since SIP is flexible, it allows to add more features and hence ensures downward interoperability.

Like all other things today, this comes in a hard-phone and a soft-phone flavor but with increasing mobile usage, soft-phone solutions are more in demand. This is exactly where our solution helps organizations. Using a strong back end technology platform that has been used in millions of devices already, we have the capacity to deliver pre-configured turnkey solutions as well as custom built solutions while leading the development of SIP clients for mobile platforms.

To be used with clients (mobile OS or Windows OS) is required a software-based SIP PBX i.e, SIP Server. Our Server solution can work on Windows and Linux.Our SIP server solution is fast to deploy and brings most features under its fold including compliance with IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols. We are currently offering on-premises as well as cloud versions.

Lecture Capture Solution

Specifically when it comes to teaching and training, Lecture Capture Solution is gaining popular demand. In such a requirement of organizations, lectures of trainers and/or faculty are recorded using a variety of pre-existing devices and are delivered live to student or trainee devices using streaming technology. Streaming live lectures using PowerPoint presentation, images, whiteboards, screen sharing and webcam greatly enhances the user experience and has positive impact of learning outcomes.

Live is just one aspect. The recorded lectures are available for on-demand viewing (VOD) in a linked Video Management Portal/Library or even in a pre-existing Learning Management System (like Moodle or Blackboard). Post-production edits as well as live interventionist features can help maximize the effectiveness of live lectures through chat interaction, instant quizzes, surveys and poll during a lecture. In terms of access, single sign-on experience to students through integration with LMS, CMS, LDAP or Active Directory assists in greater uptake and student satisfaction. Our solution is currently being offered in on-premise and cloud versions.

Streaming Solution & Media Server

A media server consumes source files in video or audio formats and ensures each such piece reaches viewer regardless of the chosen delivery channel. The critical requirement is to ensure that media piece works in any situation on any device. Unless the solution delivers this critical requirement, your users will have to be forced to get their hands on a specific media player, specific plugin etc.

A media server alleviates this problem by transmuxing (transcode-multiplexing) the stream, making sure it can be viewed by anyone at any time, whether it is a live or on demand stream. Transmux (Transcode-Multiplexing) is a process that changes the format file of an audio or video file while keeping some or all of the streams containing information from the original. Transmuxing converts to a different container format without changing the file contents. Our Streaming Media Server solution is flexible and is able to stream video and audio online or on intranet to any device without requiring an application or plugin etc to be installed. Currently available for Linux, Windows or Mac Operating Systems. Our solution costs are more affordable as compared to other costlier solutions that bundle unnecessary features just to charge a premium.