Secure Video Conferencing

Self Hosted Video Conferencing Basics

For top level understanding, our world is an interlinked network of WANs and LANs. There resides a private network in every organization before it connects to the Internet. Given the absolute control over its own private network, organizations that are security conscious prefer their own communications infra. Check out our Video Conference Server site

Self Hosted Video Conferencing Benefits

Biggest benefit is security and private control over all communications data. Since voice and video data travels mostly within the network, its security is hardest to breach. This is indispensable for security & regulation conscious bodies like banks. For full features visit our Video Conference Server site

Private Network Video Conferencing

Private network video conferencing is delivered using an on-premises & highly-secured video conferencing software often known as SoftMCU or SoftSwitch or Soft Video Bridge. It is specially designed to work within private networks and can also handshake with others outside the network. There are varied types of conferencing that can be done using simple to install client apps or even using a browser. Each server can support up to 1000 participants in a multipoint conference over LAN or VPN networks. Our SoftMCU Server requires no special hardware and includes client applications for all popular platforms (including Linux), making it an easy-to-set up, unified communications solution. SoftMCU Server utilizes SVC technology, which guarantees the best possible video quality on every device and channel. It offers built-in AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), AGC (automatic gain control) and noise cancellation algorithms, which provides great wide-band audio quality for all participants. Get in touch if you are an administrator of a private network looking for a secure video conferencing software.

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