Better Productivity through Board Rooms and Conference Rooms

Board rooms are video enabled powerhouses to say the least. They are the heart and soul of a Company. Basically, places where the most crucial and game-changing decisions of any organization are made- on the go and often video is an integral part of the same.

Therefore, the designing of these board rooms must be video first and video mainly to say the least. Video Conference Rooms are oriented towards superior productivity and greater efficiency for delivering an impactful impression of the vision, culture, and values of the organization. Today’s video enabled workplace demands a board room that delivers a message that “we are video first in line with the latest technology trend globally” not only to the customers but even the stakeholders.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we deliver smart seating video layouts or global view for all meeting attendees, control participants’ AV devices on the fly, add or remove users from the ongoing session, and more!

Today’s board room features all the state of the art equipment, from large active LED / LFD displays / Video Walls displays, speech reinforced solutions / voice-activated controls, interactive touch displays, lighting controls, etc.

We deliver automated and smart room systems that are controlled through touch panels or through voice activation.

Board Rooms & Conference Room Solutions from Lead Global Tech

Key features of Video Conferencing Rooms

  • Conduct virtual and in-person meetings – Use digital communication technology to communicate with the outside world.
  • Present and annotate anything from digital documents, PCs, videos, and 3D objects using powerful presentation tools.
  • Meeting recording and streaming – If necessary, record the events of individual meetings using high-quality video, audio, and PC presentations.
  • Intuitive room controls – It allow you to easily and seamlessly manage the most recent boardroom and conference room AV solutions without much training.
  • World-Class integration and support – With Lead Global Tech, you get world-class integration and support. LGT provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance, and support services that help you maximize your ROI.

Board Rooms & Conference Rooms

Corporate Board rooms are no longer only used by huge, global organizations as a tool for image-building. They have developed as the Centre of decision-making for the majority of organizational strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

They are now supported by a brand-new generation of tools for presentations and seamless information sharing.

Improved image clarity is made possible by the contemporary board room and conference room architecture, leading to presentations that are clearer and more interesting. BYOD allows teams to display content wirelessly and seamlessly, and control systems make the spaces incredibly user-friendly. Wireless presentation technology makes this possible.

The end outcomes include improved operational client contacts, a better meeting environment, and lower corporate travel costs.

What advantages could board rooms and conference rooms provide to your company?

Increase meeting productivity with more functional, technologically equipped conference rooms.

  • Adaptable enough to make meetings successful for everyone present, whether they are attending in person or remotely.
  • Equipped with the latest tools for presentations and seamless content sharing.
  • Room lights, a projector, and other equipment are accessible with the push of a single button thanks to highly straightforward control systems.

Increase meeting productivity with more functional, technologically equipped conference rooms.

Get cost-effective and excellent video conferencing

  • High-resolution displays up to 4K improve image sharpness.
  • Touch-sensitive display that allows annotation of information.
  • Wireless presentation technology simplifies connectivity to mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.
  • Increase flexibility with support for cloud VC or hardware codec-based audio and video conferencing.

Get cost-effective and excellent video conferencing

World-Class assistance provided by Lead Global Tech

  • Needs analysis and assessment
  • System design and planning
  • Installation and implementation
  • User training and acceptance
  • Support and maintenance
  • Managed services

World-Class assistance provided by Lead Global Tech

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